Grey Gypsies of Australia
Western Australia - 2010
The giant Karri and Marri trees were the main feature of Shannon NP, next stop on our way south. We camped under a huge stand of pines for 4 or 5 days, visited the nearby towns of Manjimup and Pemberton, had the car serviced (yes! We had travelled 10,000 km), did the laundry, had a haircut and a rail tram ride into the forest from Pemberton. I can't pass Pemberton without mentioning the best wine of the trip - a fabulous local cab sav of 2002 called Tante Maggie (Aunt Maggie). Of course we saw the trees, took 4x4 trails, checked out the beaches at Walpole and the fishermen's shacks at Broke Inlet. We also nearly got lost on some of the meandering trails getting home from an afternoon at Mt Franklin. The shady Shannon NP turned feral on our last two days. Bush flies, biting march flies and mosquitos appeared in droves with the warmer weather. Did they blow down on the winds from the dry north? Who knows, but one memorable late afternoon we returned to the camp site to find hundreds of whirling flies hurling themselves around under the annex roof: not a good time to try and cook dinner at the stove in the annex! Time to leave the Shannon.
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