Grey Gypsies of Australia
Western Australia - 2010
We wanted to look at Granite Creek, a lovely shady creek of red gums and budgerigars (budgies - small green & gold parrots). Great for a morning tea break with tables and loo. Then down the road to Snake Hill, a low hill that was an excellent lookout of 360 degrees over the surrounding country. A covered shelter, table and BBQ were provided and we lunched there.  Beyond it off the road and just visible was Lake Ballard, a dry lake that glittered in the sun with salt crystals. It was here we had to turn off to reach "Inside  Australia" a permanent sculpture exhibition of twenty or more contemporary metal  human figures spread over a kilometer or so, some anchored in the sand and others on the salt bed of the lake. Their dramatic setting was heightened by a small perfectly conical natural hill on the edge of the lake. We would have liked to stay overnight and look at them at dawn but the day was hot and there was little available shade in the scrub along the lake. The only shady spot for 2 camps was selfishly occupied by one caravan with their gear spread across the two and guarded by a chained Rottweiler dog! This was definitely NOT the way Australians like to camp! Instead we drove on and camped that evening at Rowles Lagoon
Lake Ballard & Inside Australia Inside Australia @ Lake Ballard Granite Creek
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