Grey Gypsies of Australia
Western Australia - 2010
Bremmer Bay & Fitzgerald National Park Our worst caravan Park then followed. All we can say about Bremmer Bay where we stayed for two days in a cabin to get a break from camping is…be careful which of the two caravan parks you stay in. One seems good... It was a long drive into Fitzgerald NP which was the reason for being at Bremmer Bay, a fishing village that is on the cusp of being transformed into a glamorous destination of beach-view condominiums by developers. Get there fast if you want to see it before it disappears under the glitz. Fitzgeralds NP is fabulous and worth the two hour drive from Bremmer Bay to the beach camping spot at St Annes. We got our first glimpse of the Royal Hakea (Hakea Victoria) on the tracks into St Annes. The tall spikes of red, yellow and green mottled leaves were hard to miss along the edge of the sand tracks. We would love to try and grow this grand six foot border plant at home in Victoria. The low heathlands gave us many views of the rocky coastal hills on the way in  and the camp area was large, nestled into the scrub with easy access to the shore line: a great place for two or three weeks. Instead of shifting camp to St Annes we were starting to feel that our trip should be drawing to its close. Fitzgeralds should wait till we have time to stay longer. So we moved out of our cabin after two nights and planned our route home. We would return via Lake King, a 4wd track to Peak Charles  for an overnight, Norseman and then across the Nullabor. At Lake King and again on the road we met a dogger who trapped feral dogs & cats in the Lake King - Norseman area who gave us a lot of useful information on the road conditions & camping at Peak Charles.
Fitzgerald NP One of the parks! Road into Peak Charles Peak Charles
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