Grey Gypsies of Australia
Western Australia - 2010
Dryandra NP
The Dryandra Woodlands National Park was calling us so we set off for a small restored timber worker's cottage called "Mallee Hen". The lovely white trunks of the Wandoo woodlands were spooky at night but beautiful. We drove and took some walking trails in the park; we enjoyed the Ochre Trail that took us on a 5 km walk to an old Aboriginal site where they mined and traded a beautiful brick red ochre for body and cave painting. Monday evening was a winner when we attended a night walk at Barna Mia to see the small native marsupials being fed in the feral proof bush enclosure. Their breeding program had been interrupted as a masked owl had recently moved into the area and killed many of the animals at night when they, the animals, fed. These bilbys, bandicoots and betongs are bred then released into other parks that have been cleared of cats and foxes. Next morning we heard and saw another possible culprit, a Southern Boobook Owl, roosting in a large tree outside our cottage as dozens of small birds screeched and dive bombed trying to drive the owl away. Even better than this, two nights later when we were camped in Yalgorup NP two southern brown bandicoots strolled into our camp and tried to raid the rubbish bag.
Southern Boobook Owl Bandicoot Dryandra Woodlands Ochre Pit Mallee Hen Cottage @ Dryandra Lions Village
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