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While living in Tasmania we were based in Hobart, not far from the casino & UTas. Hobart is a lovely town and a very nice place to live. We often enjoyed fresh seafood at Constitution Dock and walks along the beaches as well as the occasional visit to Salamanca Market. Mt Wellington cannot be missed. It is visible from almost anywhere in Hobart and is quite stunning, especially when it is snow capped. We saw snow on Mt Wellington, although it disappeared very quickly, once in January. Perhaps the greatest appeal is that almost anywhere overlooks the Derwent. The background photo was taken on our first trip before we had bought a place in Hobart. We stayed at the caravan park which has since given way to more houses. Battery Point is a town developed two centuries ago well before the take-up of cars. The streets are very narrow and often steep. Everything in Tas is a short distance especially the historic areas of Ross and Campbell Town where we spent a lot of time. There are lots of areas of historic interest including Maria Island, Macquarrie Harbour, Port Arthur and Richmond, although we were not much interested in Richmond.
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