The temperatures were in the high 30s and low 40s and we live close to the Victorian High Plains so, last week we decided to go somewhere cooler. What an experience. As we passed Falls Creek on the road through to Omeo low clouds were closing in with rain in evidence. We pressed on to Raspberry Hill and just had time to set up camp before the thunderstorms struck. The other reason for visiting the High Plains was for Meg to do some painting and Terry to try out his new camera, so, when the next day dawned without rain we headed off for painting spots but there were mists scurrying everywhere. As you watched a mist would close in and disappear off into the distance. Meg set up on a rock near Cope Hut track with mists threatening to envelope her. She then started sketching at another spot overlooking Rocky Valley Dam Big River After lunch we headed off on the road to Omeo. Where the Bogong Plains road meets the Omeo Highway Big River is close to the road. This area is a very popular camping area and even mid-week there were people camped here. On the way back to our camp site we walked into McNamaras Hut. McNamaras Hut This hut was rebuilt in 2004 after a bush fire destroyed it and is maintained by the Mitagundi Outdoors Group. It is set in a panoramic setting and in excellent condition (see photos below)
Rocky Valley
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Photos by Jan
McNamaras Hut Surroundings McNamaras Hut Big River McNamaras Hut (Inside) Big River
Big River
McNamaras Hut Surroundings
McNamaras Hut
Pretty Valley Dam and Mt McKay We also visited Pretty Valley dam where there is a large campsite with horse yards and Mt McKay which has stunning 360 degree views.
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