Crocs & Other Wildlife Oh yes… where are the salt water crocs? At the Jumping Crocs Park just outside of Darwin. They seem quite benign when cruising down the Adelaide River, even with up to 50 resident crocs each occupying her own stretch of river bank within about a mile and one giant male to look after them. They come out and jump up for food if they are hungry, while eyeing off the throng of kids and adults on the boat. Not so good if you meet them on their own territory on a river somewhere! No contest...the croc usually wins! The magnificent black and white sea eagles were less scarey as they try for an easy meal. Yellow Water billabong also offered close ups of whistling ducks, magpie geese, a jabiru and many other wetland creatures as we cruised Jim Jim Creek and the South Alligator River. Yes, the guide pointed out the camouflaged crocs with just their eyes peering out of murky water by the water’s edge. [pics here] So ends our great November 2009 trip to the Top End. We hope you have enjoyed it with us.
Darwin Grey Gypsies of Australia
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