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The Dinosaur Triangle in Queensland always intrigues us. Thousands of huge fossils have been dug out of sites in the area between Winton, Richmond and Hughenden which are all located on the ancient Eromanga Sea, a huge but shallow inland sea the covered the area 200 million years ago. Winton does not have any display in the town, but has built the spectacularly housed Age of Dinosaurs complex about 15 km out of town. You need to take their tour to see anything of the work they do there and they do not have large bones on display as Winton was on the edge of the sea and so most dead dinosaurs did not survive as fossils but their bones were dispersed instead of falling into the mud and sand at the bottom of the sea. The architecture is impressive and worth a look for its own sake. But we were off to Blackall via Isisford and had a pleasant drive through hilly green country on narrow blacktop roads. We stopped off at Isisford to visit their dinosaur museum which contained an ancient fossil of one of the early ancestors of the crocodile. The museum was temporarily closed but a very friendly lady from the Council offices obliged us by opening it for us and giving us a guided tour. The croc fossil was of a very small creature more the size of the fresh water crocodiles and not the 30 metre salt water monsters that are killing people all over Queensland. At Blackall we free camped for $8 night at good open area on the edge of town. The next morning was a treat for Meg who loves hot mineral water spas. The Blackall one is one of the best. Landscaped grounds surround a very large swimming pool with spa water flowing through it and as well a lovely round spa pool with bubblers and seats that holds about 8 people. Meg lounged there for the best part of an hour the next morning having paid her $2 entry fee while Terry read a book but would not be tempted into the water. She is now demanding a heated spa in the courtyard or threatening to travel over to Daylesford once a month and pay $100 or so to enjoy the lavish spas there. A Chinese lady also using the spa told Meg about a hot mud spa near Adavale but when she checked it out on her smart phone decided it was not quite what she was looking for.
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