Macdonnell Ranges and The Min Min
Grey Gypsies of Australia
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But the East Macdonnells were calling us so we packed up the “Maus haus” and drove the short distance to a lovely bush camp there in the Trephina Gorge Nature Park. We vote for the East Macdonnells as the better area: more geological formations, gorges, tougher tracks and the remnants of an old gold mining town of Arltunga about 100km for a great day trip. Birds were everywhere and their calls were a constant backdrop to the wild flowers and grand views we were treated to. We had been lucky leaving late in July as the rains had closed many of the roads in the Centre during June and later. Not only were the roads open when we came through but the entire Centre from Coober Pedy northwards was a picture of lush green grasses and flowering plants. It didn’t look like the “red Centre” but like deceptively fertile cattle country which it most definitely is not. We have seen it in its drier phases on previous trips so this was a rare treat. Some obliging campers gathered at our nearby gas BBQ and carted wood for some pleasant campfires where we assembled for a few drinks before dinner. Starlight and campfires! What is nicer? Hardly anything! These fleeting meetings with strangers are all part of the gypsy way.
Corroboree Rock
Corroboree Rock
Binns Track Nearby
Trephina Gorge