Macdonnell Ranges and The Min Min
Grey Gypsies of Australia
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Returning to Alice springs after several magic days we took a tour at the Desert Park to see their free flying bird show. The best bird wrangler we have seen entertained us with a trained magpie, a stone curlew, a little boobook owl and a brown hawk. All flew as commanded and responded to verbal and food cues. The park is also sensitively planted with separate areas of native plants that represent the arid plains, the gorges, the woodlands and the rivers. The Night House containing the small nocturnal marsupials was one of the best we have seen too.
Boobook Owl Stone Curlew Displaying Bustard
Watch carefully to spot the brown hawk whistle through under the roof and over the wall flying close over our heads. At times I felt the wind of its flight.
Spot the Perentje Thorny Devil
Desert Park - Brown Hawk Flight 10 sec
Alice Springs Desert Park