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Grey Gypsies of Australia
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Welford NP
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This place was a jewell of many facets from the harsh desert, to the river camp site and the historic past. It was also the home of Bourkes Parrot, which looks rather like a cross between a Budgie & a Galah with similar marking to the Galah but also with irridescent blue marking on the wings and underside and white patches on the eyes. It was the flash of blue which caught my eye. We did not get a photo unfortunately but you can see one here. These photos do not do it justice. The wild one we saw was a far away better speciment This was also one of Meg's favourites as there were large flocks of budgies wheeling across the sky and disappearing onto the ground. They would form into flocks of 100s and periodically break into smaller groups and then re-join the large flock. The roar (no exageration) of the wings as the flock flew over has to be experienced. We took photos of these but they just look like small dust clouds so we have not used them.
Bourkes Parrot Thanks to Birdworld for allowing us to use this reference. Click the picture for more info.
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