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Grey Gypsies of Australia
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We arrived at Jundah very late, it was almost dark. It had been a long drive through a back paddock, or, at least, that was how it seemed. The road from Larks Quarry was sometimes no more that a road you might expect in a paddock. It was, however, a lovely experience. There had been rain a few weeks before and you could see where a vehicle had worked hard to get through. As it was so late we decided not to push on to Welford National Park, our original destination, but to prop for the night & perhaps have a counter meal. We were not disappointed with either decision. The park was a very small council park, not exactly luxurious, but special. It was here we met Olive who turned out to be a distant relative. She saw our names on the car and inquired. Initially I did not think we were related but when she mentioned a great uncle who had been killed in a train accident returning from the war I knew we were related. Also at the park was Cheryl the keenest fisherman you could meet. Asked why she started fishing: My doctor told me to eat more fish, There was also John & Alison who we kept meeting again & again. We hope our paths cross again some time.
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