Travellers: Rob, Ann, Terry, Meg We departed on 24th May. Originally we had planned to avoid larger towns such as Charleville on the way up and to stay on the outback roads. However, Rob & Ann's vehicle developed a crack in the radiator so we detoured to Charleville where we stayed for two nights while the dealers had a new radiator shipped in and fitted it We parted company with Rob & Anne at Undarra Lava Caves as Rob needed to get back to work. As wandering Grey Gypsies we had more time on our hands and wanted to stay longer, especially around the dinosaur corner (Winton, Hughenden, Richmond). From the Lava caves Rob & Ann went to Townsville to visit family while we went to Atherton (actually nearby Lake Timaroo) to visit friends. The Highlights Definitely Lawn Hill, the dinosaur corner and the outback roads were top of the list for both of us. For Meg the wild budgies, flocks of hundreds, were wonderful as they wheeled across the sky, their irridescent colours flashing in the sun and the muted roar of hundreds of wings as they pass overhead. For me a highlight was the Rufus Bettong hopping between our chairs on his way to pasture at Porcupine Gorge and the Gorge itself. There was also the beautiful Bourkes Parrot at Welford NP. As we did not get our own photo, this picture is courtesy of Bird World. The Lows When we saw -4 on the thermometer at Quilpie we were only a little surprised as it had been very cold even though we had an underlay, a cotton quilt under the sleeping bags, a liner in the bags and a blanket over them. This was near the end of the trip and it did hasten the end of the trip. From Quilpie we overnighted at a motel in Burke (with some reservation after our neighbour’s experience) & dashed for home. Rob & Ann's cracked radiator was a small setback as we went into Charleville and had to stay in a busy caravan park for two nights. On the upside we went to the Cosmos Centre. An observatory with three 12" telescopes. Seeing the Jewellbox was actually an additional highlight. The Roads We loved the outback roads. Yes they were dusty, DUSTY, dusty but the two Navaras handled them well and the experience of beauty and remoteness were a moving experience. There was something else, quite indefinable, which added to their appeal. Considering the kilometres of roads they need to maintain Queensland is doing a great job. The Vehicles Both vehicles were Nissan Navara D22s. We carried an Oz Tent while Rob and Ann had a Kimberly Camper trailer. Fuel The highest price we paid was $2.20/litre. Unfortunately this was actually more as, on a quarter full 60 litre tank it took 62 litres. So the actual price??? We consistently, except for the two exceptions of wayward fuel measurements, returned 10L/100Km varying between 9.7 and 10.2
Bourkes Parrot
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