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Hughenden is in the heart of dinosaur country. The town has taken its dinosaur history to heart and dinosaur sculptures are all over town. The dinosaur museum is very good but not quite so good as Richmond's. Unfortunately we had to stay at the caravan park which is opposite the railway station. At this time with the activity in mining the rail system is very busy and trains are shunted every night. It was at Hughenden that we met the neighbours. We had set up camp and returned from a local trip to find we had another camp alongside. It turned out to be people who live behind us in Benalla. The car also got a major wash. There are no water restrictions in the outback. It took most of the afternoon to wash as it was so dirty and full of dust. Discovery Centre The Discovery Centre in Hughenden has an impressive collection including a Muttaburrasaurus, lots & lots of fossils
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