Cape York
Grey Gypsies of Australia
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Punsand Bay We arrived at Punsand Bay via the Croc Tent from Bamaga. At Barmaga we saw the collection of dead 4wds which had not made it & were awaiting transportation. Recommend the Bamaga Bakehaus.. excellent bread, pies, cakes. Dont go past it when you are in there for supplies. Punsand bay is usually quite a crowded camp site but there is plenty of room for all. On our first day there we set up camp then drove off to “The Tip”  - the very top bit of Cape York! Fantastic  dark rainforest drive up there then a long beach walk with views and great dunes to climb. Cracked a bottle of champers at the Tip then did the walk back to the car along the ridge. The boys set up for fishing on the beach and on the second night John caught a 5 ft shark and landed it. He and Russ spent an hour or more cutting it up and packing it in individual bags for our freezers. Delicious!  We had at least three complete meals for the 10 of us over the next week. Last day at Punsend Terry and I went back to the Tip as I had lost a tripod attachment on the Nikon. We didn’t hold out much hope finding it over a 4 km walk but whoops! there it was on the beach  at my feet when I stopped  by chance. How lucky was that? An excellent campsite and relaxing stay. .
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