Cape York
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Old Coach Road The Old Coach Road runs between Maytown and Laura. What an experience! One afternoon and morning for 67Kms. We experimented with a mounted video camera to capture the action & there was plenty of it. Unfortunately the camera chewed more memory than anticipated & the camera recorded over earlier recordings. Naturally, the earlier part was where the action took place. Lesson: Get to know your equipment before hand. The southern part of the track is demanding and you are constantly working. The photo below shows three options Left most & overgrown: The track taken by the coaches Middle: Steepest Right: The chicken run; still requires close attention
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Between about 1870 & 1890 Maytown was the centre of the Palmer River goldfields from where large amounts of gold were recovered. It was one of the richest alluvial deposits ever discovered and attracted many thousands of prospectors, especially Chinese. Estimates put the amount at over 1,000,000 ounces. Various reports put the population c1980 at 100 or 5000. Supposedly there were three banks, many stores, a hospital and two chemists.
A short clip of the southern section of the track.
Old Coach Road
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A second clip of the track.
Camp at Cradle Creek
Old Coach Road