Cape York
Grey Gypsies of Australia
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Cape York 2012 We travelled north separately and met at the turnoff to the Palmer River Goldfields. We then took the Old Coach Road between Maytown and Laura. What an experience! One afternoon and morning for 67Kms. After Laura we took the Old Telegraph Track but, after watching a few cars attempt Palm Creek, we wimped on the first section taking the bypass road around to Nolans Brook where we watched a few cars float across. The outstanding feature of the track is Elliott & Twin Falls. We had fortunately booked ahead and arrived early as someone arrived after us & tried to claim our site. Sitting under Twin Falls was the most superb spa; it was so good we called in on the way home for another ‘spa At Bamaga we saw the stash of trashed 4wds awaiting the next shipment out. Punsand Bay saw the catch of the trip when King George landed a five foot shark which fed us all three excellent meals with plenty left to take with us to Weipa, Cooktown, Chilli Beach & Portland Roads on our way back. The surprise of the trip was probably Portland Roads & its WW2 history.
Old Coach Road
Camped @ Cradle Creek on the Old Coach Road
Punsand Bay