Cape York
Grey Gypsies of Australia
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Alau Beach Did the Somerset Beaches Round Track after leaving Punsand Bay. It travels through tropical dune scrub and drops down onto five beaches. Rocks, mangroves, coconut palms fringe these little half moon beaches which would make lovely camping spots in a swag or pup tent. But we had to head South and aimed for the small town of Magico on the outskirts of Alau Beach. Three days there gave the boys some time for more fishing while we lazed in the camp, walked on the beach, read and enjoyed the nightly camp fire. All went to Thurday Island for a day trip in a small tin launch that held about 20 people. Meg chickened out. Thirty sea miles in a small craft is not for her. There’s a large ferry at Seisia that goes over every day that I recommend. Dropped into the Aboriginal Art Co- op in Seisia and watched while some of the artists worked on their colorful canvases that reflected their myths and love of the sea. There is a definite Torres Straights style on Cape York filled with masses of bright primary colors. Sunset at Alau Beach was beautiful, every night.
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