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Cadney Park, Coober Pedy, Woomera 6.50 Departed the roadhouse. Bush camping is a better option than using this roadhouse. 7.30 There are quite a few rest areas, some with loos south of Kulgara. We passed the first one 55km south on left 7.35 At 55 km south of Kulgara the Mariat rest area looked good on left but no loo. 7.45 Wild hops are about the only wild flower here. They are big healthy plants and a deep red color. Some low wattle shrubs and yellow cassia. Lots of land is now fenced for cattle. 74 km south of Kulara another good rest are. At Agnus Creek. Off road and with tree cover, 93 Km south. Tancayinna creek camp ground. Also off road on left Vans were in thereand trees. 104 km south. On left but open area used by trucks. OK for emergencies otherwise use one of the others above. 8.35 More open plains with low scrub. Low trees on ridges. Grasses show its cattle country. Dead roo on roadside. Was told there are no roos north of Halls creek only wallabies. Something to do with their fur or hair cover. One is more suitable for the tropics. Most rest areas in this vicinity ie south of Cadney Park - are in open country. The better rest areas start north of Cadney Park. 9.30 Cadney Park roadhouse. Looks good. Camping, cabins, fuel, food and bar. It's the best we have seen on the Stuart Hwy so far. All cheap, clean and well maintained. Better than Glendambo roadhouse but there is no grass or shade in the camp area. Called in for morning tea. We shared an egg and bacon sandwich and milkshake. 10.10 No carpets of wild flowers here. Only sparse dry grasslands and a few patches of scattered shrubs. 10.15 At 281 south of border on right a good overnight camp spot. Go about 400m down side road into light scrub. 315 km from border the Poodnoora rest Area looks good. Phone, light scrub on left very open and OK for emergency use. 11.45 Arrived at Coober Pedy. Had lunch at hotel - spaghetti bolognese. OK. We arrived later than we expected as we stopped 30km from the town to help a British male, middle-aged and travelling in a motor home with two flat tyres. Terry organized the RAC/SA to come out from the Coober to assist him. His phone didn't work and although he was a motor assist member he hadn't realized that they would travel out to help you. Amazing how ignorant some travelers are. 12.35 Back on the road. 3.00 Glendambo roadhouse where we had afternoon tea from our van. 3.15 Back on the road. 3.30 10 km south of Glendambo west side of highway quite a good lay by. Some trees but hard against the road. 4.20 Pinbar rest area at the road to Roxby Downs. Lake Hart rest area. Vice scenic spot with views over lake which is full. No loo. And E. side of h/W Good morning tea or lunch spot. 4.10 Rest area 20km south of Lake Hart on west of highway. Bare site overlooks lake and islands in the lake. Windy, no trees. Only low ground covers. OK for lunch spot. Good views. Arrived at Pimba on the highway. Bleak site with camping at the road house. Most unattractive. We decided to turn left and take the side road to Woomera township about 20 km down road. 4.20 Arrived at Woomera caravan park. What a gem! Nice outdoor bar. Motel rooms at $80 a night and very well maintained. Cabins also available but we decided to a light tea cooked out of the camp kitchen. A good camp kitchen was available and we used it to clean up dishes etc. After tea we drove around the town. Amazing and beautifully care for. Good houses, parks and public areas including school, shop and cinema opened once every two weeks. The Dept of Defence manages the town very well. About 200 people live there and many houses are maintained but unoccupied. Rocket Park was a feature of the town centre with all manner of restored rockets that had been fired from Woomera and several war planes. TV a bit blinky and boring. In bed by 8.30.
Sun 21st August : 760Km
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