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Canning - Well 15 to Durba Springs Departed 8.30am.Spinifex plains and low sand hills on the horizon. A red Grevillia (?) with grey green foliage almost shaped like a holly or the 5 pointed …autumn tree leaf. So far the sandhills are low and quite easy to cross Some are double-tops and some are twisted. Lots of pink pimlia and far more pleasant driving the sandhills than the corregations in between them. Steep descent down several rock ledges. Easy but slow. Dingo tracks ahead seen by leader. 9.40 We are now in the Little Sandy Desert. Yellow Grevillea with huge yellow flowers and spiky leaves as well as reds between Wells 15 - 16. 9.50 Well 16. morning tea nice spot. Departed well at 10.15. Small white Thriptomene type flowers on shrubs (Murtacea?) Carpets of these bushes on the red sand hills. 10.15. Calvert Range on our R. looks good but the track has been closed by the traditional owners as it's a ceremony site and visitors have not been respecting it. (rubbish left? Rock art tampered with?) 10.35. Durba Hills come into view on L. They are a long low escarpment with veils of green grass/shrubs on top and on the extensive fans leading into valley where we are driving. Their cliffs are eroded red sandstone. Really nice drive on a red sand track alongside the  Calvert Range/Durba Hills. Stopped for firewood collection as there isn't much left at Durba Springs. Our poor roof!!! Its not set up for lumps of firewood and scratchy branches but we are the only car with room on our roof rack. 11.25 Stopped at track into a cairn erected on the highest top of the escarpment. Five of the group climbed up a dodgy steep track of loose rock. Terry photographed them on top. Lots of Mulla Mulla flowering in the rocky debris where we parked . Left cairn at 12 noon. 12.45. Arrived at Biella Spring. Lunch stop, others walked to the springs while I stayed and sketched rock face. Spoiled sketch later with insensitive colors put on after I had left the site. Left the site at 2.10pm 2.30. Rock faces fantastic on right. Burnt umber in shadows; desert red in sunlight. Note how the range twists round at angle and how shadow patterns change on the two rock faces. A beautiful spot and drive into the Beila Spring. Great ride down through valleys with escarpments on left. Some confused road choices into Durba Spring. Lots of scratches on car from branches on the narrow tracks. 4pm. Arrived Durba Spring.  All in bed by 8pm as usual. We all loved the slow travel and frequent stops for flowers and views today.
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Well 10 Mulla Mulla Biela Spring Fri 29th July : 70Km