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Tues 9th August : 150Km 60 sand dunes
Last Wells 9.00 Departed camp. Mirrors in as we toured down narrow avenues of scratchy scrub close to cars. Today the sandhills decreased in numbers and height. Most were at best 2-3 mts high; probably not really worth the name of sandhill. 9.10 Arrived  Well 50. Huge camp area under white gums. This could hold 100s of camps and is sometimes used as the mustering point for groups leaving for the CSR south bound. Dusty area though. Departed 9.15. 9.25 Back on CSR but Helen noticed that track notes identified Culvida Soak a few km short of well which was an interesting pool and gorge with Aboriginal rock markings. The rest of the group drove back to the well to explore this feature. We waiting for them at the track junction and Terry read for an hour while I did a pen and wash sketch  of the very crowded but attractive trackside vegetation. 10.30 Whole group together again and drove for the last well. 11.15 Well 51. The final well. A large windmill  that no longer works marks the well. Open spot and we lined up for a group photo of our cars and the travelers. A obliging man took the photo for us. He was ready to start the CSR and was driving by himself. 11.55 Departed well 51 after many photos and morning tea. 12.06 We were on open grassy plains of Mitchell grass. This is cattle country. Guda soak on the right appeared with our first sighting of brolgas. 12.15 Lots of patches of burnt grass amongst patches of spinifex that still appear from time to time. Local Aboriginals appear to be patch burning. We passed two south bound vehicles. 12.40 Lunch stop. Stopped under white gums with lots of horse poo around. Have seen a few mobs of wild brumbies, former drovers horses that were turned out when the droving days were over. Some attempts at improved pasture here. Mitchell grass and clover seeded. 1.10 Departed lunch stop. 2.00 Detour to avoid water in the track that appears to be near a small lake. 2.25 Some corrugations but also good stips of hard packed clay track; the reddirt bits are the corrugated ones. 3.15 Arrived at Stretch Lagoon. Wonderful camp site on a long narrow lagoon. This is on station property but they allow camping here. Camped under white gums with lots and lots of birds. Meg spent a relaxing late afternoon sitting in a chair by the water watching the birds which Terry was photographing. Pairs of brown kites nesting, ditto pair of whistling kites, 5 or 6 white heron,  some squads of black and white cormorants, various ducks, spoonbills, 3-4 brolga and cockatoos. Numerous small birds also nested at the spot.
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