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Back On The Road 10.30 Departed Kununurra  after leisurely pack up and coffee. Planned to visit 'Hidden Valley" about 13 km out of town and recommended by cousin "Morts". Narrow side track in was blocked by three or four 44 gallon drums parked across the track. This seemed to indicate local Aborigines, who had a reserve next door (Mirima National Park), wanted it closed off to visitors. We got tempting views from the road of a valley stretching back through the hills, but didn't attempt to enter. 10.45 Turned off instead, on a whim, to Lake Argyle. Also recommended by Morts. 11.10 Loved the drive in through the rocky hills close to the road. Passing over one of the five spillways at this time. Lots of turbulent water coming down one of the natural creeks. (photo). We later learned the lake had filled beyond its maximum capacity in the previous wet season and water was still being let out into the natural creek systems as the next wet was about to start in several months and some were predicting  a lot of monsoon rains again. Wonderful eroded hills, mesa etc. Kapok bushes already flowing with big yellow blooms and lots of green shrubs, grass etc. I remembered seeing tubs of the Kimberley rose at the caravan park and here it was growing wild, but either red or a purple and white, while at the park it was candy pink and white. It grows on Frangipani-type thick cactus stems. Hills are lumpy in shape and dark red-brown with green shrubs and trees growing out of nooks and crannies. Another Kimberley rose type plant at the creek only burgundy and white. 11.20 Stopped again for Terry to photograph a 'tilt up' formation. Miss the company but it is also good to be by ourselves again and able to stop without holding others up. 11.30 Passing great fold formation. Will book into caravan park then come back for a sketch. Notes on sketch (Need to push the darks/lights more for greater contrast. Aquarelles force you to use mid tones and the darks need to put on in watercolours.) 12.00 Arrived at Lake Argyle caravan park. Not too crowded. Good amenities with single en-suite units with shower, toilet, basin in the one unit. We got a rare semi-shaded spot. Shop, office and tavern combined. Food items available. Wonderful swimming pool 7 spa with the best views in Oz back up the gorge and lake. Nice long slow lunch in the shade after we set up camp. No rush!. 1.30 Drove out to the Vista lookout and dam wall. The dam park along the Ord river very shady, cool and good for a picnic lunch or afternoon. Gates close at 5pm which precludes BBQ dinner. Then it was back to visit the Durack Homestead. The weather is starting to get quite warm and time for a swim in the 'infinity' pool and spa. Water very cold, but pool designed with two sides having 'infinity lips' that over flow into external drains, creating the look of the sky and water joining. The pool edge seems to join with the massive views of Lake Argyle stretching back into its gorges. Must be the most beautiful spa views in Australia. Shame they don't heat the water a few degrees to take the chill off. Still I suppose the hot weather later negates the need for that. The tavern put on an outdoor concert by the reasonable female singer and staff member - 'Fila' - who sang all types of songs from the 60s likely to appeal to our age group. Yes! grey nomads in large numbers are here too. A few younger back packers also around. These two age groups make up the bulk of outback tourists. Cooked good dinner of schnitzel, salad and fruit. We are running the Engel as a fridge now, so fresh meat and vegetables are all the go. Goodbye frozen casseroles. By 8pm we were in bed. Are we wimps or what? We could put the lights on and read by the kitchen table.
Tue 16th August  : 80Km
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