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Wed 10th August : 0Km Rest Day
A Well Earned Rest Everyone was told not to get up before 7.30 but our habits were set and we were all up by 6.50. The bird chorus had started round 5am. Lots of small chirps, a few owls (mo-poke, mo-poke), herons creaked like rusty gates and Kites whistled and croaked. The northern birds are not always as tuneful as those from the south. Meg listened to her iPod for half an hour or so and snoozed, then  was up making her favourite perked coffee with lots of milk which she drank sitting by the lagoon. She finished putting together the first draft of "The ballad of the CSR" which she had roughed out in the car over the preceding days. She intended to read it to the assembled company that night at Geoff & Lyn’s roast night, a sort of farewell gift to a great bunch of people with whom we have travelled. The draft finally came together at 12.15 and lunch called. Meg did our washing after lunch as we intend to camp at the Bungle Bungles for several days before going to Kununura and it's a dry camp there. We had a quick dip in the lagoon: it was very cold, then changed into clean clothes and sat down watching birds again. Mid afternoon two census officials and their driver arrived at the lagoon. They were surprised to see the five camps here as they expected to be sightseeing. They chatted and collected our census forms which we had filled in the previous night. They were Canberra public servants who volunteered to collect census forms in remote areas and were sent to Broome and have driven through the Kimberley  visiting remote Aboriginal settlements explaining why they needed to fill one in and providing assistance. The Dept is making a special effort this year (the 100 year anniversary of the Census) to increase the participation of Aborigines in the far North and West. An increased number of officials are operating ie six teams each of three people, previously only 3 to 6 collectors were appointed for this huge area. Annie offloaded the remaining bags of babies jumpers from our car. They will be delivered to community health nurses as they move through the settlements. Great dinner tonight. Geoff and Lyn did a lamb roast which was ready after dark.  Meg recited the bush ballad, “The Ballad of the Dusties before dinner while we were waiting for the camp ovens to finish their job. It was a happy success. Our tables were set up as one long board with table cloths, candles and good cheer. The camp fire glowed and we all celebrated the successful conclusion of our trip.
Egrets Ballad of the Dusties