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Rudall River Camping Lazy morning. We got up at 7am. Birds breeding in trees round billabong. Budgies, galahs, Australian kestrals, finches and we sighted a kingfisher in late pm. Read books, lazed and drove out and Meg did two sketches of hill features during the “magic” hour in late afternoon. Helen & Russ cooked a slap up corn beef dinner for ten with all the trimmings. Kay & Lyn did golden syrup dumplings in their dream pots, an Oz dish I had never tasted before! Nice campfire. Our car is being scratched by tree branches in the wood collection – but hey! –it’s scratched by all sorts of shrubs too! We heard by sat phone that Terry’s mum had been taken to hospital with pneumonia and would be in hospital for several days (It was longer). His sister said his mum was OK and she and Terry’s sister in law were finding a respite placement for her and Charlie who also had pneumonia but was only confined to barracks, not allowed to vist May.
Home Sweet Home Relaxing by Rudall River
Mon 2nd August : 0Km 0 sand dunes