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Ayers Rock/Uluru We arrived at Uluru camp resort Yulara around 3.30 pm. It was lovely warm weather and plenty of time to set up tent and relax. We sat outside tent in the sun listening to music on our MP3 players, checked out the wildflower book while Terry snoozed in his chair. The group had planned a BBQ for the evening meal. The BBQ grubby but useable especially with the  silicone sheets the ladies had to put over plate; these worked well.  Our BBQ meat was great and I opened a can of potato salad. We had a great night's sleep despite the thumping sound of the diesel power plant that drives energy at this large resort. The Olgas The next day was planned as a rest day. We chose to spend the day at Kuta Tjura (the Olgas) walking and painting. Some stayed at the camp with their vehicles - their roof top tents were up, while others went for a drive. We met the Saunders out at the Olgas when we were leaving after doing the Walpa Gorge walk. They had finished the Valley of the Winds walk. Meg had finished a pen and wash sketch of Kata Tjuta, and we had a nice lunch with no rush at the rest area near the Valley of the Winds. The Walpa gorge was cool and shrubby with lots of water in the two "eye pools" and other streams. Lots of water streaks on the canyon walls where water cascades down during heavy rain. On the way home Terry tried several spots for good sunset photos of the "red" Olgas. We expected to arrive back at camp site between 7 and 7.30  but were a bit later than that!. We self catered on our store of frozen dinners as we were too late for the restaurant meal the others took. It was a pleasant and relaxing day. Time now to wear T-shirts and light weight bush trousers.
Sun 19th July: 360Km