Giles Weather Station Giles weather station presentation was worthwhile prior to the release of the weather balloon at 8.30am, NT time. Beadells grader in its Len’s Cat Cage and a marker was there. There is a demonstration of the filling & release of a balloon followed by a tour of the office and explanation of the current tracking systems. The enclosure with what appears to be a satellite dish turns out to be the historic tracking radar system. When the balloon was released the person seated in the enclosure would manoeuvre the system to follow the balloon. It is certainly much easier now. The station is near the Woomera rocket range and there is the remains of a recovered Blue Streak rocket. You can see many more examples of the rockets at Woomera. Immediately on leaving Giles we went onto WA time (minus 1.5 hrs) so it's going to be a long day.
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