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Geraldton Bore On to Everard junction. The track was getting worse in places. Lots of budgies in small flocks and wild flowers. We met the "Lone Traveller"at the junction. He was parked by the road enjoying a cuppa with rego plates from NSW. He explained he was apprehensive about proceeding alone to Wiluna in case his car broke down. His wife didn't join him on his trips. He chose to shadow our group and camped several kms  away from us that night but we heard him drive ahead past our camp the next morning. If he broke down he knew there would be vehicles following him who could assist him. Some in our party were quite suspicious of him but we finally camped together at Carnegie Homestead the following night when we caught up with him. He was quite OK. The last 30 km to Geraldton Bore were tiring and it was late afternoon-4pm- when we arrived and set up camp. Kay had arranged to cook the first communal roast that night so the women pitched in to help her while the men got the fire going. Russ became the fire meister that night. He had proved his credentials when we camped on the Murray earlier in the year to plan the trip and he cooked a roast on a spit over the camp fire. We had a great dinner by candlelight: roast chicken, spuds, pumpkin, corn on cob and tomato casserole. All pitched in with the washing up - a camp routine to do all the dishes together even when we cooked separately. Gearaldton Bore was a great camp site, sweet water, clean and tidy, trees and wood available. That night the shower tent was set up and half the group had a hot shower before bed. Bliss. Russ was a great fire meister and took on the duty of heating a big steel boiler in the evening and mornings for hot water. It's a steel boiler in the shape of an old fashioned kero tin that his dad had commissioned many years before as a present for him.
Sat 23rd july : 160Km
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