Stanholme Washing Stick Helen introduced us to the Stanhlolme Washing Stick. Basically it is a plastic cup about 15cm in diameter with holes to let the water through and acts like the agitator of a washing machine. It is very effective as evidenced by the numerous lines of clothes.
Painting There was even time for painting the local scenery.
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Rock Art There was limited rock art in the area..
The Fiermeister Our resident fire meister did a wonderful job wth the fire so the ladies could cook a wonderful roast for John’s 60th.
We noticed a brown falcon that morning perched on a high branch of the tree near us. It kept to this watch post most of the day and discreetly watched our camp. He spilt "budgie" down his chest after departing to bring down his favorite food for breakfast - and there were plenty of budgies around too. He preened afterwards and we first noticed his vantage point when budgie feathers drifted down over the camp site as he plucked them off his chest. This appears to be his territory. The spring, is a very substantial one, although a bit greasy on the surface, and attracts a lot of small birds such as finches, budgies and pigeons. Lovely reflections in it of the N escarpment rock face which the pool directly abuts. It is a large camping area with plenty of room for many groups.
Sat 30 July : 70Km