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Mataranka, Tenant Creek, Devils Marbles 8.15 Departed the cabin. We didn't bother to go across the paddock and try out the hot springs. This venue was so worn and bad that we had no good reason to believe this facility would be any better than the rest of the place. The scenery on this part of the Stuart H/W was fairly boring for most of the day. There were grassed woodlands all the way down. This surprised me as I didn't expect so many trees of 30 - 40 ft and middling density. Small road houses on the way - all just OK for fuel. Nothing else was along the highway, no station homes, few loading yards; we got the feeling of a vast undeveloped area, not unpleasant but very repetitive. Stopped at one of these and made lunch. Tried one of their homemade Barramundi pies which were expensive ($7) but good. Tenant Creek was the only town between Katherine and Alice Springs. Meg hoped to find a coffee stop, but the only likely option was a fast food shop with a very oily smell. She declined! 4.30 Arrived  at the Devils Marbles CP. Hope they change this weird name to a more rolling and attractive Aboriginal name. Lovely rich light at this time of day with desert red rocks scattered over a much larger area than we expected. The camp ground is about 2Km off the highway behind the main rock formations. About  20 people in ten or so  groups came in for the night. Fireplaces, a loo and some tables and chairs were provided. No shade trees but it is a very nice camp spot for a night due to the rock features. Recommend it.  Two girls and their dog (lovely small grey & white dog, 6 months old and very well trained, like a shitzu) were camping out of their car with swags next to us with two French boys on our other side. A country and western singer and wife in his huge fifth wheeler van came over and tried to sell us one of his CDs. 8.15 Yep. Another early night. Will have to think of better ways of spending camp evenings.
Fri 19th August : 720Km