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Alice Springs 2018

Lake Tyrell

One of many salt lakes near Sea Lake

We pulled into the Sealake Travellers Rest,  a community park on one side of their sports oval, later that afternoon ready to explore the small town in the fading light and just in time to drive out to catch a glimpse of Lake Tyrell at sunset. All was neat and quiet for a Friday night so back at the van we prepared dinner and had an early night.
Kapunda > Kapunda >
Next day we drove round the circumference of the nearby Lake. Terry was busy photographing the brief glimpses we got of it as farms blocked access to it. We set up lunch in the sun by the Community Hall in the sun at  Chinkapook. There are no facilities for travellers there so this was the best option we found. Quiet, an abandoned tennis court that had once been expensively fenced and lit for night games, and a hall that looked as if was reasonably cared for but rarely used. Scattered houses made up the rest of this hamlet. The lake is being promoted by the town and its flat salty surface has some beauty but it’s too difficult to get near except for a viewing platform a few kms out of the towm