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Alice Springs 2018


The Town Which Saved South Australia

Kapunda is the largest town in the area, population almost 3000. Lots of beautiful stone and brick houses from the 1840s – 1870s. Range from small cottages to elegant villas, most are restored and with attractive gardens. We took a walk down the main street admiring the commercial buildings from the same period. Lovely restrained architecture with some locally made wrought iron trims on some of the buildings. The old Saint Rose Convent , now privately owned, is large and magnificent, but the original St Rose catholic church was demolished in the 1930s and an imposing bur severe church built to replace it. The land around the church buildings was parcelled into small house blocks and is occupied by a variety of ordinary homes that spoil any view of the convent. The old copper mine played a role in saving South Australia from bankruptcy in the mid C19th when drought struck. It is now a tourist site that can be driven round. We viewed it from a vantage point. We drove out to ‘The Pines’ –where  a plantation of pines had formerly stood. A few remain but the rest is covered in bush trees and shrubs. Several walks around this small park are popular and a pleasant lunch spot with tables, loos, BBQ and open areas for play is available a short walk from the car park.
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