Lake Tyrell, Auburn, Quorn, The Breakaways, Alice Springs

Destination Alice

Salt Lakes, Jump Ups, Eagles and more…

We have been to Alice Springs previously in 2016 but, this time we decided to take our time getting there so we could take in the places along the way. We were particularly interested in Lake Tyrell, The Breakaways near Coober Pedy and in revisiting the Desert Park at Alice Springs. We left at 10.30am on Friday 29th June. Yes…It’s late by seasoned travellers standards but we had a short haul to Sea Lake for two nights, so despite packing everything in the few days prior to departure, we found a few jobs to do on the day too. It was drizzling and cold in Benalla and we set off hoping to see some warm sunshine. No chance. Cold winds too. We pulled into the Sealake Travellers Rest,  a community park on one side of their sports oval, later that afternoon ready to explore the small town in the fading light and just in time to drive out to catch a glimpse of Lake Tyrell at sunset.
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