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Grey Gypsies of Australia
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The top photo is a standard JPG photo file. This was produced using Microsoft ICE (Image Composite Editor) via Photo Gallery which was also used to enhance the generated JPG. The lower is an embedded Photosynth of the top photo starting from the same set of photos used for the JPG above. The Photosynth allows you to scroll & zoom in and out. When the page opens the Photosynth will be automatically loaded. This may take a few seconds The controls, left, are displayed at the bottom of the Photosynth. From left to right they are o Zoom out o Zoom in o Full screen (use the ESC key to return from Full Screen) Additionally you may use your o left & right arrow keys to scroll the Photosynth left and right o up and down arrow keys to scroll up and down o + and - keys on the numeric keypad to zoom
Photosynth To create your own Photosynth  you will need Windows Photo Gallery Microsoft Image Composite Editor A set of overlapping photos
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Each page in this sub-web displays a separate Photosynth which we hope you will enjoy.
Source Photos Used for both the ICE image above and the Photosynth below. Note the overlap of 20% or more.
Pano Head To get better results from your panos a tripod & pano head are essential. The example on this page used neither, as you can see from the Source photos where the horizon varies. There is also parallax error between the photos. The ICE software does a brilliant job in adjusting the objects but this results in much more severe cropping and discernable variations.
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